I recently moved into this apartment complex in Oct 2018 and I was blown away with the friendliness of the staff. They greet you with a smile and always willing to help. They really care about their residents, every month there is some type of activity. From the beginning looking for an apartment to the end the entire staff has went above and beyond. I've never lived in a complex where the willing to assistant and make your living situation feel like home. I'm so glad I chose to make this place home, no matter small or large of a request the management staff or maintenance staff is willing to help. The last snow we got covered my Yorkie would not go out because the snow was covering her. One of the maintenance man was removing snow from the sidewalk and the street. He noticed what was going on and stopped what he was doing to clear snow from the grass for her to go use it. Now tell me where else will you receive such kindness like that and that's just the beginning of how this staff do things. I would recommend this complex to anyone that's looking to be pampered, treated with respect, a peace of mind, great neighbors that welcomes you when you move in and just a beautiful environment. The landscaping is beautiful, the gym, movie theatre, pool, etc. I was sold on this complex from the movement I stepped in the door. I read reviews, but you can't always take them for face value. People sometimes give bad reviews based on emotions and that's not fair based on one bad experience. Read the reviews, but don't always allow that to be your decision maker, research things for yourself. I even told the Manager of this complex that I almost didn't move in because of some of the reviews I read. I'm so glad I came out to see for myself and have experienced anything but above and beyond with this staff. I love being here and have never experience anything bad from the staff. The leasing office staff is always smiling and willing to help. They make it their business to connect with their residents and even the pets. They not only remember your name they even go out of their way to remember your pet's name. It really feels like home living here. I can't give them enough praise for the things they do. Well, as you see I'm a talker but I could go on and on about the warmth and the helpfulness of the staff here. But don't just take my word for it come on out and see for yourself if you are looking for a wonderful place to live and a staff that treats you GOOD.

Rhonda E. - Yelp, 12/2018